DIY Acoustic Panel

A convenient peel-and-stick application, allowing you to easily transform any space without the need for tools or professional help.


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DIY Acoustic Panel


Introducing our revolutionary DIY Acoustic Panel, designed for effortless installation and unparalleled customization. These panels feature a convenient peel-and-stick application, allowing you to easily transform any space without the need for tools or professional help. Cut them into various sizes to create unique patterns, mixing and matching different shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your aesthetic vision. 



Giving freedom in design and creativity, RT acoustic solutions empowers users to feel the most in control of their space and encouraged to express their own aesthetic style and preferences.

Procurement of Green Materials

In the present Global Business Environment, success relies on Sustainable Development based on the emphasis of Resource Conservation & Environment protection, whereby responsible manufacturers must give importance to when supplying products & services to their customers and end users.

RT acoustic is committed to systematically operate with responsible care in Resource Conservation & Environmental Protection adhering to Environmental rules & regulations throughout our supply chain. To minimize the environmental burden caused throughout our product life cycle, we give importance to environmentally friendly material procurement, hence we would ask our suppliers & contractors to follow the same policies & practices.

Climate Stewardship

Our product is manufactured using 100% onsite solar powered clean energy. We donate 100% of our facilities waste sediment to local agricultural organic fertilizer, and plant thousands of trees each year in our local community…

Under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is no such thing as a Carbon offset project, such taking responsibility means you should actively participate in an Emission Reduction or a Climate Change mitigation project, such as carbon sequestration. At Carpets Inter we practice prevention at source to achieve carbon neutrality, rather than purchasing carbon credits to offset pollutitive practices. It’s just good stewardship…!


Mission & Objective is to drive sustainable growth by delivering key values to customers, whilst responsibly preventing wastage & losses by the participation & involvement of all stakeholders across our whole supply chain, ensuring no detrimental effects to the environment and our society.


RT acoustic Surfaces are manufactured using recycled PET Plastic bottles to provide a high-performance and environmentally conscious product. Recognized by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) under their DECLARE label award program as RED LIST FREE, our product achieves the highest designated level acknowledging no harmful material content. This further demonstrates Carpets Inter genuine commitment to material transparency, providing safety and hygiene towards healthy occupied spaces, aligned with Well v.2 Building Standard.


All product is manufactured by repurposing single-use PET plastic bottles. Our manufacturing waste (offcut) is repurposed into new acoustic product ensuring zero waste to landfill. We offer a Take-Back program to repurpose into clean refuse derived fuel for cement manufacturing. All product is distributed using recycled material for packaging.